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ASSESS has been established to re-think how life sciences technology innovators and academic technology transfer offices are supported with early value assessment. ASSESS connects those with expertise in health technology assessment (HTA) and health economic modelling with those that require insights from these disciplines to maximize technology commercial opportunity.

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How We Do It

Analytic approach to informing foundational decisions

A global network of experts bring methods and insights from health technology assessment and economic modelling to help innovative companies make informed strategic decisions early in technology development.


Early Value Assessment

Health technology assessment (HTA) is often completed to support reimbursement and adoption decision-making, thus relatively late in the R&D cycle. HTAs are completed by trained professionals who advise payers on technology purchase. They provide a comprehensive evaluation of the available evidence of clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and the ethical, legal, and social implications of health technologies on patient health and the health care system.

ASSESS facilitates early health technology assessment (eHTA), to provide key insights at a time when there is opportunity for innovators to make decisions that support them to focus R&D, commercialization and evidence generation efforts on those that have the highest value from the perspective of the payer and end user.


Health economic modelling

ASSESS facilitates early health economic modelling, to provide key insights on the potential for a technology to be attractive to payers, the value-based price of technology, how effective technology will need to be in order to achieve a desired price, and the relationship between different budget holders in terms of costs and benefits from use of new technology.

Health economic modelling is a quantitative exercise to compare the current standard of care with a potential new standard of care that considers use of the technology in development.


Global reach

ASSESS is a global initiative, supporting innovators, technology transfer offices and working with experts from most major markets. The project utilizes a secure software platform to connect innovators and technology transfer professionals to experts in HTA and health economic modelling.

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