Mid Stage

Understand payer dynamics and seeking trial to generate evidence

Innovators often struggle to attract interest from health systems and health care providers in participating in trials of their technology.

These organizations have many potential innovations that they could trial and must prioritize. Well designed examining problems that are important to them are a prerequisite.

ASSESS experts facilitate the development of trial propositions that align with the health system and providers priorities.

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How We Do It

Analytic approach to informing foundational decisions

At each stage of the Commercialization Journey, life sciences innovators have key questions, and analytic and decision support needs, that can be answered and provided by those with expertise in health technology assessment and health economics.

Stage based insights and methods

Insights help to inform strategy and focus evidence generation activities on those that are the most valuable, and analyses and evidence generated support communication with investors, end users and payers.

ASSESS and a global network of experts bring methods and insights from health technology assessment and economic modelling to help innovative companies make informed strategic decisions early in technology development. Innovators at the Mid Stage can have decisions informed by an assessment and characterization of the clinical problem intended to be addressed by the technology, and the design of trial work intended to inform procurement decision-making (collectively the technology Trial Case.

Problem sizing in target healthcare system

Current challenges in achieving optimal outcomes in standard care can be both characterized and quantified.

  1. Problem Size: Limitations in current care leading to sub-optimal clinical and cost outcomes
  2. Root Cause: Key drivers of limitations observed in current care
  3. Technology Impact: The extent to which the new technology can be expected to influence outcomes

The analysis describes and quantifies the extent to which new technology can be expected to influence different outcomes, supporting innovators to demonstrate value in technology trial.

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Implementation trial design

Technology implementation into health systems intended to generate evidence of its value to inform adoption decisions must include economic endpoints of priority importance to decision-makers.

Implementation trial design considers:

  • Economic endpoints of importance to payers
  • Data collection for parameters of greatest uncertainty

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