Implementation Trial Memo

Ensure the successful translation of research into practice

Evidence and analyses synthesized by ASSESS's community of experts, helps health systems understand how the innovator's technology addresses their needs and aligns with their priorities.

Implementation Trial Memos support health systems' and organizations' understanding of the value of prioritizing trialing the technology to inform future decision making and long term performance.

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What Is It For?

Supporting organizations to effectively communicate the value of trialing technology.

Provide potential health care organizations interested in trialing technology with a clear understanding of the potential, and how to effectively evaluate and validate.

Insights delivered in the memo

An Implementation Trial Memo issued by ASSESS offers candidate trial organizations synthesis of available analyses and evidence that supports decision-making to prioritize the clinical problem addressed by the technology in development, and to quantify the extent to which new technology can be expected to influence different outcomes.

It further demonstrates feasibility of an implementation trial to generate evidence sufficient to inform procurement decision-making

How it is used

Innovators are equipped to credibly connect and have informed conversations



Succinctly capture the expert community assessment of the value and feasibility of trial to inform decision-making.



Connect with organizations that are candidates to trial technology that has been developed.



Enage with trial organizations helping them to understand the priority of trialing technology in development.

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