Concept Stage

Not decided on lead clinical application or target patient group

Often there are multiple potential applications for an innovation. The choice of lead indication is a crucial on for the technology and the company.

ASSESS supports innovators in understanding the net value of each potential application, considering issues like the scope for improving health outcomes and health system efficiency, and likelihood of patient and care provider adoption.

Objectives Clinical conditions Stages of clinical conditions Care contexts End users
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How We Do It

Analytic approach to informing foundational decisions

At each stage of the Commercialization Journey, life sciences innovators have key questions, and analytic and decision support needs, that can be answered and provided by those with expertise in health technology assessment and health economics.

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Stage based insights and methods

Insights help to inform strategy and focus evidence generation activities on those that are the most valuable, and analyses and evidence generated support communication with investors, end users and payers.

ASSESS and a global network of experts bring methods and insights from health technology assessment and economic modelling to help innovative companies make informed strategic decisions early in technology development. Innovators at the Concept Stage can have decisions informed by Clinical Application Identification analysis.

  • Trial Objectives
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Study Design
  • Outcome Measures

Clinical Application Evaluation

Early-stage innovators often have a number of options with respect to the choice of beachhead clinical application of new technology.

Early value assessment analysis informs this critical foundational decision-making early in technology development, supporting innovators to make strategic choices that maximize technology commercial potential and probability of success.

Clinical application options
Target care context Providers End users Patient groups Clinical concerns
Clinical and economic value targets
Regulators Payers Clinicians Patients
Scope and Approach Clinical Data Intended Purpose and Application
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